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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel script discussion/help
Last post by Air KEN -

Wow, it really came out. thank you.
Use "Album art background" and "Enable blur effect" differently depending on Album Art.
It is convenient to be able to switch using the context menu.
I feel there are many possibilities.

Many Thanks.

"Enable blur effect"
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Columns UI
Last post by musicmusic -
You need to change pass the additional colours you want to those per-column $set_style() calls.

So change $set_style(back,$rgb(255,157,167)) to $set_style(back,$rgb(255,157,167),$rgb(255,0,0),$rgb(0,255,0)) for example (changing $rgb(255,0,0) and $rgb(0,255,0) to whatever colours you want).

FLAC / Re: FLAC v1.4.x Performance Tests
Last post by bennetng -
So I tried to transcode some mp3 files I collected to flac, turns out I found nothing special. Total 1158 files, 2d 16h 47m 31s, bitrates from 124kbps VBR to 320kbps CBR. All RG scanned and converted with foobar's "prevent clipping according peak". Used Case Smart Dither plugin with highpass filter unchecked. All files are transcoded to 16/44.

22712634863 dithered
22547632564 truncated

22706853763 dithered
22540297898 truncated

22693665912 dithered
22527026089 truncated

Among the dithered files, 54 files, 2h 33m 19s are smaller with -8e.
Among the truncated files, 78 files, 4h 11m 36s are smaller with -8e.
Among the dithered files, 49 of them are same as the truncated ones.
Among the remaining 5 dithered files, they don't share any similarity that I can think of.

Among all files showed smaller file sizes with -8e, this piece of music has the biggest file size differences when compared to -8p. Source mp3 file is in 128kbps CBR.

3621067 -8p dithered
3555347 -8e dithered
3172894 -8p truncated
3150222 -8e truncated

4 - 悲情城市 Variation 1

Regardless of how the Youtube Opus version was encoded, the mp3 file I have looks like this:
FLAC / Re: FLAC v1.4.x Performance Tests
Last post by bennetng -
As hann is tukey(1), which is "the extreme end" (rectangle being the other), then I would be mildly surprised if it is any good compared to the tried and tested midways. 
Only "mildly" because who knows what works until it is tried ...
Both hann and blackman are of the cosine sum family but blackman is one step narrower than hann, so it would catch a decay trend which is not as severe as blackman. flattop by itself doesn't make too much sense due to the shape, so I don't use it alone, I use it with other windows so that the unique shape can catch something other windows can't. I only use this combo with >= 88.2k content, with subdivide tukey no more than 5.

If you take those and compare
-b 4096 -r <R>
-b 8192 -r <R+1>
what do you get? Upping the partition order by 1 would double the partition number and maintain the partition size in samples - it would be more like the partial effect of -b alone. (The one you posted in #404 does not benefit from doubling block size and increasing the partitioning though.)
When checking this I found something interesting. In my previous post I was comparing -8p with -8b8192 -A "subdivide_tukey(3);blackman;gauss(22e-2)" and assumed if -8p produced a smaller file then that file must be better with -b4096. There are 11 files, 51 minutes fall into this category. However if I only compare -8 with -8b8192 alone, there is only one file (Yu Miyake - WANDA WANDA) works better with -b4096, and only one more file (Cool Zone - The Blessed Place) works better with -b4096 when using -8 -A "subdivide_tukey(3);blackman;gauss(22e-2)", and the total duration of files work better with -b4096 is reduced to 8m 21s, out of  1d 17h 39m 06s. That said, it doesn't mean these 11 files are better with -8p than -8e.

969930824 bytes

996927661 bytes
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel script discussion/help
Last post by ApacheReal -
All this studied with the crop image, which cuts the image and for me it is not possible, just see the difference between the left panel (crop image) and the right panel (center image):

Then I don't understand the small double image and then the large one.

I can't use it.