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Gettng the most of an Android smartphone

Hello, all

I am an old and happy user of Foobar2000 for the PC, where I rely on its kernel streaming plugin to obtain bit-perfect audio. Is there a simlar function for the Android version? How can I check the combinations of bit depth and sampling rate that my smartphone natively supports, and make sure no conversions and processing are applied while playing files in those formats via Foobar2000? In case it might help, my smartphone is OnePlus 5, which sounds so-so, I have to admit...


Re: Gettng the most of an Android smartphone

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I asked a similar question a while ago but got no answer from the developers.

I figured out that OpenSL leads to audio artifacts and slightly worse audio quality on my device. I am using the default audio settings now and hope that the developers implemented the best possible audio path.