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Support for track indexes playback...

Hello people and developers.

I've been a foobar2000 addict for about 7 years now, after I was completely sure nothing can pretty much defeat Winamp for Windows PC music.

And after great things like fully modular environment, vast codec support (including the TAK Codec & MSDOS synths YAY!!!), vast DSP plugins, Facets, Columns UI, ELPlaylisy (both of them I don't use right now, because Facets is more important to me), SimPlaylist, real UPNP/DLNA support with android devices (can listen to my music library from home while I'm in other part of my country via 3G or LTE), fb2kcontroller, Shpeck (because If there's something Winamp was a winner is its visualation plugins. And it pretty much saved my 1000+ AVS collection), exotic tags support (very important to me, makes your Facets, a real Database search engine), etc, etc - WHO THE HELL WANTS ANYTHING ELSE? (Well I do want it to be prettier, via Skins and such, while not going back to Columns UI. But it's not really a concern for me these days.)

Now, there's something I've been always suprised with: ignoring indexes of specific tracks. I do know the %subsong% tag, but that's not what I meant. I want to be able to go to the right index in a track via playback fucntions (which can be assigned to buttons or keystrokes). I believe most of you have encountered a track with a few sub-tracks in it. And I just didn't find any way to jump to the next index, in the playback functions, like the functions in old CD players.

Since HydrogenAudio community is mostly in the Digital side of the never-ending almost religious debate of Digital vs Analog, it suprises me I couldn't even find in Google someone who asked this question before me.

So - why isn't there any support for jumping to the next index via playback? This question is both for Physical media running in my drive, Mounted Audio Image, and even one TAK / WavPack / FLAC file with Cuesheet.

Thanks in advance people.


Support for track indexes playback...

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it suprises me I couldn't even find in Google someone who asked this question before me.

Well, I didn't find anything. And I do know how to google for things, so no need for nitpicking fella 

And since I saw no one actually answered him, it feels really bad, that I'm not the only one who asked for it, and have been ignored. It's like MPC-HC or VLC devs don't give a fcuk about DVD menus! (of course DVD menus are available in these softwares, and MPC-HC has far better support of DVD menus than VLC.) It's part of the DVD as a digital medium, and the DVD experience. This is the same with index browsing within a CD track.

Since you actually allow foobar2000 to read tags from Audio CD tracks, and prevent it from playing a Data track within a Mixed Mode CD to avoid damaging the speakers, why not do us a little effort and allow us to browse indexes, and give us a complete Audio CD experience?

Just an idea of how it can be done. You can write a code for playback action, which will jump backwards or forwards in file using a unique tag with timings in it (can be defined by the Advanced section). Since all good lossless codecs uses either APEv2 or Vorbis Comments, you can apply multiple values into this tag. If there's bad data in the tag, or timestamp higher than the file's duration, it will be ignored by default to eliminate bugs. This thing will pretty much emulate the early 90s CD players, with the ability to jump right to a track via the remote control, and allow you to jump back and forth in a song containing an few indexes.

But since I don't know how to code, I can't really do this. And by the way, if someone want to plagiarize this idea and compile some third-party plugin - I don't mind at all! (although I do believe people must have been thinking about that before me, it's not some kind of amazing discovery. Just someone willing to perfectly emulate Audio CDs).