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Unexpected Network Error

Been a user for years and have always managed to successfully stream from my NAS. Suddenly I'm getting errors that I can't resolve. Note: this started not long after the latest Win10 update, and also not long after installing a new router. I'm able to see and connect to my music library through Explorer. Now, when I add my library path to FB2k, I get the following error for each file:

Library scanning problem: "\\ls410df36\usbdisk1\Library\Art Blakey - A Night In Tunisia (1960)\04-Yama.flac", reason: Unexpected network error

I can copy/paste an album into a playlist and it works as expected. This is happening on two computers on the network. My Android phone app is working as expected. I have tried to check every setting in the router and media server, and restarted all components in the chain. What am I missing?

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