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How to restore FPL playlist file from a backup?

Dear community,

I have Foobar2000 v1.4. I have occasionally removed a playlist file, but I have a complete backup of playlists-v1.4 directory. I have identified that the file 3A76828AC90DFD70826FE82D78EFA738.fpl is the playlist I have removed. I have copied it to playlists-v1.4 directory but it is not picked up. Also I tried to import it as a new playlist using "File→Load playlist..." but it shows an error message "The following error(s) occurred during loading of the location(s): Unsupported format or corrupted file" and imports only 1 track from it.

Anyone can help with it? Thanks in advance!

P.S. Of course backup was created for the same Foobar2000 v1.4, so it is not a cross-version issue.
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Re: How to restore FPL playlist file from a backup?

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I guess you need the original index file as well. To be safe, make a portable install of foobar to a new folder, and restore the complete playlists-v1.4 backup to that install. Run that foobar to see if it works, switch to the playlist you want and you can File > Save Playlist to save a copy, then File > Load Playlist on your main install.


Re: How to restore FPL playlist file from a backup?

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I got it, thank you, it worked that way. It is confusing that FPL in playlists-v1.4 is not the same FPL which is produced by "File → Save playlist..."

Also a wish: why not to scan all FPL files in playlists-v1.4 and add automatically missing ones to index.dat? Or there will be too much voodoo to deal with old, binary-incompatible playlists? Then just display the message "Playlist ABC has binary version X, but only Y is supported".

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