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Foobar constanty crashing

So I used foobar this morning to listen to music and had no problems, everything worked as it usually does. Cut to an hour ago, I re-open foobar to listen to some more music, click on the song I want to play - foobar crashes and shuts down. Ok, so I try to re-open - foobar immedieatly crashes and shuts down.

And now I can't use foobar. Everytime I try to open it it immedieatly crashes. If I do manage to get the window open as soon as I click anything foobar immedieatly crashes and shuts down.

I updated to the most recent version of foobar. Once it finished installing the update it opened up foobar and crashed and shut down.

What do I do?

Re: Foobar constanty crashing

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I managed to fix it, I just had to unistall and then re-install the entire program from scratch. I believe the issue was to do with my computer and not to do with Foobar though.

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