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Convert files while preserving paths... "and they're gone"

I've used in the past conversion of the whole library structure to another codec like this:
Code: [Select]
So it would remove path to server and leave only library folders and subfolders, and removing flac extension, adding extension from newly created files.
It worked well with aac encoder, and with mp3 encoder.
Today, I wanted to encode to wavpack lossy. And strange thing happened, I see files being created in the folder, and deleted. There is always 12 files at any time (the number of threads encoding) but the old ones are being deleted. m4a and mp3 files are being created as they should. wv files - not.
Is there any corellation between the abovementioned path and the fact that I can create files with 3 letters extensions, but something is bugged with 2 letter extension files?
Foobar is latest, 1.6.6.
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