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CD Hardware/Software / Re: Why is EAC designed to create this endless source of confusion?
Last post by includemeout -
So what?
Unless you were two or four back then when you said you registered 10 years ago, and are now in your early teens, I bet you're smart enough to guess this sort of attitude won't probably make you wish to come back again within another 10 years time, so arrogant you come across by using it and the antipathy it may attract.

Though I think I understand your points regarding its interface, I honestly think criticising EAC for its completeness and fully featured user experience in a forum where user experience range from my own erm, "simplistic one" to audio engineers and developers of other software you might have been using them yourself, is not too far IMO from whining about, say, Photoshop having too many "unnecessary" features, in a designers community, for just getting snapshots posted on social media - it simply ain't aimed at that sort of simplicity! But it is instead designed to cater for all sorts of use one may deem necessary according to their expertize level.

So, back to your particular case, why bother using it and keep on moaning when it clearly is too much for your needs? Move on to another tool, period!

As for wrong nomenclature, the above-mentioned maturity I still want to believe you possess, may have already given you that gut feeling you're barking at the proverbial wrong tree.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: World-Map-SMP
Last post by regor -
A separate script would be a no since it would also require some way to retrieve tracks from BIO or the map panel database, so it would be a plugin of a plugin... and I find it unnecessarily complex.

Btw just finished implementing a new mode for the panel: library mode, which displays all the countries from the entire library artists database  instead of following selection/playback. Clicking on a point creates playlists from that country (+genre, styles, etc.  according to keys pressed). Tooltip shows all artist on library from that country.

This is an easy way to see the current statistics for every country, instead of selecting the entire library and setting display mode to selection. Which also doesn't work as expected since I imposed a selection limit due to performance reasons (it checks tags by tracks one by one). The library database is cached and not updated on real time, so it works without performance penalties. (may be updated on demand)

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Georgia-ReBORN - A Clean foobar2000 Theme
Last post by TT -

you're a funny guy, seriously.

First of all I have never said that I'm a developer, quite the opposite, read this second post of this thread here:

Second, your instructions were not clear/correct and there really was no bug at all.
It has nothing to do with downloading lyrics or biography. After enough confusion with your incorrect instructions,
I have found out by myself what you've meant. You should have written, that your so called "bug" occurs only when you've used
the 'Next' transport control button in the lowerbar/playbar.

This of course will play next songs and now playing songs will travel further down the playlist,
but your selected song is still marked where you've started to click on the 'Next' transport control button.
That means your selection is still up, then when you switch through the panels it will scroll to the
selected song, not the currently playing song! This is no bug, that's why there is the feature to select songs...

I have implemented a new feature that will exactly do what you want, scroll to the currently playing song,
on all panels. You can find this new feature in the top menu under Options -> Playlist -> Always scroll to current playing song.
This is disabled by default, because not all users want to use this feature where it's scrolling to the current playing song all the time.

You can download the latest commit from the Github page here
After you've downloaded the zip, you need to overwrite all your existing files in your foobar and then activate the feature.

By the way, you should work on your attitude and be more grateful when other users and developers are offering
something that's completely free of charge.

General - (fb2k) / Re: How to restore FPL playlist file from a backup?
Last post by dmak -
I got it, thank you, it worked that way. It is confusing that FPL in playlists-v1.4 is not the same FPL which is produced by "File → Save playlist..."

Also a wish: why not to scan all FPL files in playlists-v1.4 and add automatically missing ones to index.dat? Or there will be too much voodoo to deal with old, binary-incompatible playlists? Then just display the message "Playlist ABC has binary version X, but only Y is supported".
CD Hardware/Software / Re: Cue sheet
Last post by Kakamit -

I don't know, if anyone is interested in the following. I like using Notepad++ as text editor. That's an open source text editor, link:
I also use it to view cue sheets. Since Notepad++ supports creating user defined syntax highlighting styles, I created a simple style for Cue Sheet. So when I open a cue sheet in Notepad++, there is syntax highlighting, for example index points are green, etc.

If anyone is interested, I can post it here.
Please post it. I also use notepad++ for cue sheet editing and I need "syntax highlighting" template for it.
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