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General - (fb2k) / Re: Component to resize album art
Last post by Adil -
I've tested it on virtually all audio formats using various picture formats, the component is fast and obedient. It is becoming one of the most useful components for foobar2000! I made single and batch attachments, no failures detected.

I still wondered if it would be convenient to suggest to this component a checkbox with the option "Remove all except front", but looking closely at its proposal, I believe that would go beyond its nature.

In summary, this component was very good and is now excellent. My most sincere thanks for having answered one more request on my part.
AAC - Tech / Re: AAC Gapless playback information
Last post by Replica9000 -
I use fdkaac when I convert from FLAC.  i use the options -G2 and --tag pgap:1 when encoding.  Hopefully an audio player will use one of the 3 methods.  The tag pgap:1 creates a tag called "Gapless Playback" with a value of 1.  I'm sure it can be manually added.  I'm not sure if the classic ipod will honor that tag.  I have a couple classic ipods, but I haven't touched them in years. 
General Audio / Re: Missing cue sheets - Seeking the final answer for tools or procedures
Last post by Mtnx -
In case anyone reads this in the future, the best method I found so far is to manually look up the album on as the first step. This gave me better results than MusicBrainz. (Also, in my experience, apps like Picard will not identify a flac file for an entire album. Picard works as expected if I load individual tracks, but it does not identify whole albums. If anyone knows of something I am doing wrong, please tell me.)

Next I use python-wget to get the xmcd file and I use  jopadan's xmcd2cue to convert it into a cue sheet.

I have to further edit the cue files to generate flac tracks, but that was fairly simple to script.

The I use the really good unflac tool from here:
unflac: A command line tool for fast frame accurate audio image + cue sheet splitting

I put all of this into a little python script to automate it. (I'm running Linux, fwiw.)

The only part that is not automated is the first step. If anyone knows how to get an ID for from a whole album flac file automatically (such as with acoustic fingerprints) please let me know. I actually finished splitting all my flac files, but I would like to know for future reference.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Component to resize album art
Last post by snotlicker -
Make sure you have the beta version uploaded today. By default GitHub hides "pre-release" files and you need to click on "Assets" link to reveal it. You don't want the old version from last month.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Georgia-ReBORN - A Clean foobar2000 Theme
Last post by TT -
Best theme EVER, I'm so excited every time you do an update... can't hardly wait
... there will be an awesome update soon!
I'll post the announcement here when it's ready, it will be big and I think you all will be pleased =)


Thank you for the kind words and support =)

Well I've gotten everything to work except one thing - playlists. I noticed I can actually make one and add songs, yet I can't see my playlists nor play them. I thought they'd appear under my library or something. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? I'm sure it's simple.

You can either mouse hover on the top of the playlist and click ( if you don't want the auto-hide you can deactivate it in the top menu Options -> Playlist -> Playlist manager -> Auto-hide )
or move your mouse cursor in the playlist and right click for context menu -> Playlist manager Ctrl+M.

There you can create new playlists ( right click ) and switch to existing ones.

If it's not working, you have a bugged foobar installation, you need to install a new portable ( or standard ) installation with the latest version from Github, or just click here.

FLAC / Re: Add cover art to bulk of FLAC files
Last post by lynker -
Also, if you are a linux user, you can use ffmpeg to do that + some bash scripting.

Script is added, but I also included a one-liner.

Code: [Select]
read -p "Music directory path? " MUSIC_DIR_PATH; read -p "Cover picture path? " COVER_PATH; find "$MUSIC_DIR_PATH" -name "*.flac" | sort | while read file; do mv "$file" "${file}.old"; done; readarray -d "" files < <(find "$MUSIC_DIR_PATH" -name "*.flac.old" -print0); for file in "${files[@]}"; do ffmpeg -f flac -i "$file" -i "$COVER_PATH" -map 1 -map 0:a -c copy -metadata:s:v title="Album cover" -metadata:s:v comment="Cover (front)" -disposition:v attached_pic -f flac "${file%.old}" 2> /dev/null; echo "Added cover to ${file%.old}"; done
General - (fb2k) / Re: Computer Slows Down After Approximately Two Weeks of Continuous Play
Last post by Dryst -
You could try checking the properties of your foobar2000 instance with process explorer.

If you have an excessive amount of gdi handles (in the thousands, I think apps/windows conk out when it reaches 10000), that would probably point towards it being some display related component rather than input. Still, it doesn't help much identifying which is to blame.

Thanks.  I do have process explorer already.  I will check it again after some time.  It's probably just one bad component that is the cause.  The tricky part is identifying which one.  Right now GDI Handles is at 1,625 that is not overly high.  I will recheck it next time it happens.
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