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Please be aware that much of the software linked to or mentioned on this forum is niche and therefore infrequently downloaded. Lots of anti-virus scanners and so-called malware detectors like to flag infrequently downloaded software as bad until it is either downloaded enough times, or its developer actually bothers with getting each individual release allow listed by every single AV vendor. You can do many people a great favor when encountering such a "problem" example by submitting them to your AV vendor for examination. For almost everything on this forum, it is a false positive.
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General - (fb2k) / Is foobar converting with command line possible ?
Last post by Skie -
I wonder if it is possible to achieve some effect in foobar with command line.

I have folder with two files: MUSIC.FLAC and MUSIC.CUE.
Music .flac is one large file containing songs in flac format. After manually dragging the CUE file to Foob, they are all visible.
I want to convert one large MUSIC.FLAC file to separate FLAC files, on a 1 file 1 song basis. Manually it is a simple matter (drag the CUE into the foobar, select all files and CONVERT/flac). I wonder if it is possible to do the same with commandline (as part of the batch script).
Audio Hardware / Re: Seeking advice on new active speakers
Last post by ajinfla -
You're welcome. Out of curiosity, was total <500 euro?
With necessary adapter cables on top (RCA to 6,3mm jack), it ended on 312 euro.
Nice. I was a bit surprised at the 3 original small monitors proposed given what I thought they would/should cost. Good to know you can still get a reasonable bargain within EU, 300 euro is near exact what you would pay here.
Hopefully you like them, there's plenty adjustability in highs, lows, etc.
And of course if you use computer/Foobar, very easy to apply more EQ.
They do well in blind tests, but of course sighted and/or in the hands of the incompetent, all bets are off.
BEHRINGER Studio Monitor Wins Listening Test...
Linkwitz Orions beaten by Behringer.... what!!?


3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Spider Monkey Panel (foo_spider_monkey_panel)
Last post by regor -
I didn't get it. I wrote the code ...
Next time I'll try to be more attentive.
Without the code can not help.

Is there any way to access properties from other panels (read only) without on_notify callbacks?
i.e. if you know the window name (something set on the script which doesn't change), instead of forcing other script's authors to add some code for script interaction, you could simply get the properties from its panel and work with that.

For ex. my map script has a selection mode which should match the selection mode of WilB's Biography script if you use them together. I can warn about it with a popup, ask the author to expose that property with NotifyOthers() or offer a modified version by myself... but being able to read properties from any panel would solve that issue, while still rendering NotifyOthers useful for other use cases and be much cleaner.

It would greatly expand and simplify script interoperability for sure.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_musicbrainz
Last post by Porcus -
Are you meaning sort first by ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE and then regular date? In normal use when searching for an artist/album the original release date is always going to be the same and just sorting on that would result in all releases for the same album essentially being random.

Black Sabbath: "Black Sabbath" was released in 1970.
The 2019 repackaging of the 2016 reissue series of the 2012 remaster of the 1970 album is still Black Sabbath: "Black Sabbath" from 1970.

Sorting that after all the other Black Sabbath: "Black Sabbath"? Through a secondary tag.
Lossless / Other Codecs / Re: How to convert DTS 5.1 (one file wav/dts+cue) to multi-ch Flac
Last post by j7n -
The stream can be converted to 1235 kbit/s DTS using Dts2wav or BeSplit, and back again. (Except some broken streams with incorrect frame size.) Then a special plugin that checks every WAV file isn't needed, the chance of playing back noise is avoided, and the format and parameters can be displayed in a player. A disadvantage is that the data can't be put back onto a CD or sent to an external decoder.

If the album is gapless, it should be played or decoded prior to splitting (directly converted with the cue file). Otherwise there will be a click and a short fade-in at every split point. If wrapped inside several split WAV files, one additional frame of 1024 samples around the split points would be lost. I would also check that the split points are placed accurately before start of the music, or in positions that cause the least glitches.
Lossless / Other Codecs / Re: How to convert DTS 5.1 (one file wav/dts+cue) to multi-ch Flac
Last post by Porcus -
DTS CDs are lossy-compressed 5.1 audio data put on the CD as a stream that sounds like white noise if played back without decoding. A player needs to recognize "this is not meant to be played without decoding" from the signal.

That is the reason why you see two channels 44.1 samplerate 16 bits - because it is pressed on a physically normal CD, it *is*  two channels 44.1 samplerate 16 bits (where the two most significant bits - the "loudest" ones - are always zero).
Considering it a 14-bit signal, the real bitrate is 1234.8 kbits/second. FLAC/Wavpack/TAK can get you quite close.

I just don't want to have big DTS files (where 1 file is 1 CD)
That is one question: splitting in one per track. That is not so much related to the rest - just like any ordinary CD as single-wav+cue, you can split it by the .cue and FLAC it. If you have a DTS-aware DAC you can then play the single files.

And if you don't, the DTS part can be decoded before or after splitting.
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