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Proposed changes to "EAC Compression Options" page

The current page EAC Compression Options is outdated and contains instructions for multiple versions of EAC. Unfortunately, many of the settings have changed, new settings were added, and some settings were removed. Trying to keep all this information on one page can be confusing.

I propose to split this page into two pages. The main page would be for EAC v1.0b2 and newer. A secondary page would preserve information for versions earlier than v1.0b2.
I've written a draft of a proposed new EAC Compression Options page. Some of the original text remains, some of the text is new. The secondary page linked within is just an example. I've included personal comments and EAC's "ToolTip" text in the Wikicode
Code: [Select]
<!-- comment -->
If the proposal is acceptable, I request assistance cleaning the page up. Please post comments/suggestions here or on the wiki discussion page.

Thank you.

Update (2023-06-12): After two years without a response I went ahead and updated EAC Compression Options for EAC v1.0b2 and newer. The old page was moved to EAC Compression Options (Legacy) and edited for EAC v1.0b1 and older.
EAC Options was moved to EAC Options (Legacy) and a new version of the EAC Options page will be added for EAC v1.0b2 and newer in the near future.