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Wiki Discussion / Re: wiki 404 Not Found
Last post by korth -
At first glance I noticed fewer installed extensions but assumed it was still a work in progress.
User groups are a bit different too.
Wiki Discussion / Re: wiki 404 Not Found
Last post by Peter -
Sorry it took me so long.
It's back and mostly working, running on latest mediawiki.
If things go haywire, it's been thoroughly backed up and can be reverted to current state.
Some things look weird, front page clickpic in particular. Looks like clickpic template isn't working properly, I've not been able to figure out why, hopefully someone can enlighten me or edit it.
User account registration is currently disabled until I get all glitches ironed out.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Dynamic Range plugin
Last post by ngs428 -
That should not be a problem, I was fully prepared for such scenario and log will even report different codecs in use. I found single crash entry from crash logger from this component, it was related to scanning highly corrupted tracks and some tracks looked like they couldn't get decoded at all. The log writer had too light error checking for scan results and it tried to access per-channel data that it never managed to scan.
Should be fixed in the just released version 0.5. I'd appreciate it if you could test with the same files that failed earlier.

I gave this a test and using the 0.5 version Foobar does in fact crash, it did 3 times in a row on me.  Then after the 3rd crash and restart I was able to run them together without issue on several attempts.  So at this point, it is random, but did happen.....  I tested a FLAC and short MP3 file together.    
foobar2000 for Mac / Re: foobar2000 for Mac: bugs & wishes
Last post by Guildencrantz -
One more thing:

When you first invoke the Equalizer window after the launch of foobar2000, it appears with a significant delay. When you invoke it for the second or third time, it appears as fast as all other windows (Album List, ReFacets, etc.). But if you relaunch foobar2000 and invoke Equalizer again, you'll see the same delay.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Columns UI
Last post by musicmusic -
Ah! Thanks, now it makes sense. It's still a bug – the configuration format is not supposed to change between 32-bit and 64-bit builds. (This was thoroughly checked in Columns UI, but evidently not in Album list panel...) I'll have to think of a creative way to fix it now it's happened...