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When I try this link :

==> There is a dll inside, but its date is 08/05/2016 (1.0 version)
General Audio / Re: BatchEncoder (Audio Conversion GUI)
Last post by wisodev -
BatchEncoder v3.1 has been released today.


- Added auto select tool in configure tools dialog.
- Added validation for loaded configuration files.
- Improved configuration files loading and saving.
- Fixed $OPTIONS not being set properly.
- Fixed delete all items crash in formats dialog.
- Fixed delete all items crash in tools dialog.

Download portable version:

Download installer version:

Hi, Thanks for the response.

D1 via USB is limited to 24/96, I have some FLAC in 24/192, so I switched from the USB to optical.
When using Realtek driver there is no click. However, I have to chose the rate and bit depth in shared mode. If I pick 24/192 then everything gets re-sampled, and if I pick 16/44.1 then all the 24/96 & 24/192 recordings are degraded. WASAPI is supposed to give bit-perfect playback and that's what I want. I'm trying to get away from the computer doing any decoding, that's why I went with an external DAC.
Noted, thanks for reporting.
Both uploaded component files are verified to be v1.0.2. A redownload should solve any potential caching problem you saw.
I'd just connect the D1 to the computer with USB. Exact same quality as with the optical but with much less problems.

Also you shouldn't bother using WASAPI. It's only necessary to transfer compressed formats like DTS and AC3 bit-perfectly for external receiver for decoding. Doing that also makes little sense as it only introduces new sets of problems. Simplest way to operate is the best, decode everything in computer and enjoy gapless clickless playback.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: CD Ripping Problems
Last post by Case -
Only explanation I can think of is that your converter is set up in such a way that all tracks use the same name. When you are in the CD ripping dialog you can pick an existing preset at the bottom right corner. You should use settings that ensure unique names. And paths if you rip more than one CD at a  time.

I recommend making a custom preset for use with ripper, Under Destination configure the target directory with the "Specify folder" setting and for file name use for example this: [%album artist%\][%album%\]%tracknumber%. %title%

Save the preset with a descriptive name so you can find it easily in the ripping dialog in the future.
Thanks to all that took a look at my little problem, I guess this issue is too specific.
Anyway, since my last post, the little hisses that I used to have with WASAPI and Audioengine D1 prior to updating to Foobar 1.4 beta-2 are back. So, my question from previous post is no longer important.

I have concluded that Audioengine D1 DAC has problem with WASAPI. Kind of disappointing, I guess D1 is just a way to move RCA cables away from the computer, a pre-amp for speakers/headphones and a volume knob. 
Search for a new DAC is on.
I never thought they did.  I just didn't realize that Columns UI wasn't working right before, and it's why I'm recreating my themes in Columns UI using the same settings I'd been using in Default UI.  That way, they'll be saved as .fth files for Default UI AND as .fcl files for Columns UI.  And now that Columns UI is working right for me, I'm enjoying greater control I have over how foobar2k looks.

To clarify a bit, previously, when Columns UI was not working for me, the Columns UI part of the navigation in the Preferences window was merely showing as a copy of the Default UI tab, but with a tooltip stating that it was a legacy window.  Nothing in those tabs was functional, so I had incorrectly assumed that the whole section was merely legacy forms that simply hadn't been removed yet.  Now I know that was wrong and that they should have been functional forms which should have looked different from the Default UI forms all along.  So, previously it appeared that they shared forms; ie same input and input locations, different UIs that it outputted to, based on whether or not Columns UI was installed and enabled.
Those two components don't share themes. You can only use one of them at a time, as well.