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No ISRC code detected in CUE file

I recently ripped multiple CDs using the same CUE and ripping settings for all of them.

However, I have now noticed that two different editions of the same album have not had any ISRC codes recorded in their respective CUE files. This album was released in 2021.

The other CDs, including ones that I have ripped in the past, have all included ISRC codes just fine.

Was this a mistake by the publisher of that specific album? Or is there something else going on?

Re: No ISRC code detected in CUE file

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It is up to the owner of the music copyright to get ISRCs assigned and the music (record) company to include them on the CD.
You can check if there are ISRCs for the tracks on the CD using various search sites. One is!/search.

As you’ve been able to rip CDs and read ISRC codes on other CDs, it’s easy to assume that it will work for all CDs. ISRC codes are encoded in the Q sub channel on CDs which can sometimes be difficult to reads. There is a detailed discussion at,98359.0.html

You could also confirm that there are ISRCs on those CDs by providing titles here and perhaps someone will confirm that there are ISRC codes on the CD by checking their copy.