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Other Lossy Codecs / Re: Dolby Digital (DD) and Digital Theater Systems (DTS) - Transparent?
Last post by clintb -
Some number of years ago, I read an article from some HiFi magazine or something like that. The authors were invited to Dolby Labs. At Dolby, they went into a room that was decked with some really nice equipment. Interesting thing was, Dolby had setup a system to do blind testing. The result was, regular old Dolby Digital at 640 Kbps was indistinguishable from higher bitrate material. I've searched for that article and I can't find it.

I like the releases of lossless material, if only because I can compress a movie and shrink the audio without losing quality. I'll lose Atmos, but then I'm only doing 5.1 and no Atmos capable equipment.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Foo_osd
Last post by oomingmak -
Ah, I see.

So scaling information is available in the SDK which kode54 could make use of to adjust the scale of his OSD to match. Hopefully he will consider updating the component, because it would be a huge and welcome improvement.

Thanks for the clarification.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Georgia-ReBORN - A Clean foobar2000 Theme
Last post by TT -
Great layout and theme!
I'd just about got everything the way I want it, and then - I have done something stupid. (Surely not?)
All the Tracknumbers are now showing just as 0. or 0.. in both Library and Playlist (yes, the 'View Sorts' are fine)
Anyone have any clues as to what I may have changed? Everything else is fine... Thanks!

Hmmm, seems you messed something up, never heard or encountered such case...
I know that you modify yourself the javascript files and/or configs, so in your case to debug
I would personally install a new portable foobar installation for testing ( just name it e.g foobar_testing )
Install the theme as usual, and then step by step I would replace your modified files one by one.
Replace one modified file, start foobar_testing and see if it's working. If it's working then the next file and so on.
Then you can debug which modified file is causing it. If it's not the javascript files, I would then do the same for the config files etc.

FLAC / Re: New FLAC compression improvement
Last post by Porcus -
Anyone feels like testing the flac-irls-2021-09-21.exe posted at with parameters as below?  Rather than me writing walls of text about something that could be spurious ...

* Time (should be similar) and size: -8 against -8 -A "tukey(5e-1);partial_tukey(2/0/999e-3);punchout_tukey(3/0/8e-2)"  against -8 -A "welch;partial_tukey(2/0/999e-3);punchout_tukey(3/0/8e-2)"  (I expect no big differences between the latter two.)
* Time (should not be too different) and size: -7 -p against -8 -A "welch;flattop;partial_tukey(3/0/999e-3);punchout_tukey(4/0/8e-2)" (or replace the welch by the tukey if you like)
* Time (should not be too different) and size (will differ!): -8 -e against -8 -p against -8 -A "welch;partial_tukey(2/0/999e-3);punchout_tukey(3/0/8e-2);irlspost(1)" 
Note, it is irlspost, not irlspost-p.

For samplerate at least 88.2:
* -8 against -8 -A "gauss(3e-3);partial_tukey(2/0/999e-3);punchout_tukey(3/0/8e-2)"
* For each of those two: How much does -e improve size?
* How much larger and faster than -e, is -8 -A "gauss(3e-3);partial_tukey(2/0/999e-3);punchout_tukey(3/0/8e-2);irlspost(1)" ?

My tests indicate that the gauss(3e-3) combination is impresses nobody on CDDA, makes very little difference on most hirez files - but for a few it could be a percent.  And, then the "-e" improvement was a WTF. But hi-rez performance is absolutely not consistent ... well it is much better than the official release.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Foo_osd
Last post by oomingmak -
Thanks for your reply.

If you wouldn't mind, could you give a bit more detail on what I'd need to do, because I'm not very experienced with this and so I don't know where VolumeMap.h is, or what I should be doing with it.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Foo_osd
Last post by oomingmak -
It seems that there has not been an answer to Anakunda's question.

I have the exact same problem with the volume display in OSD; it in no way corresponds with the position of foobar2000's volume slider. My OSD volume slider reaches zero (totally empty bar) when music is still loudly audible (with my foobar2000 volume setting still having another ~25% to go before it reaches zero). The scale and rate of movement in the OSD volume bar seem totally unrelated to the actual volume.

I did try adjusting the 'minumum' value, but if I managed to get OSD aligned at the quiet end then it would be completely wrong at the loud end (and vice versa).
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: iPod manager
Last post by musicmusic -

Those numbers are what the component gets from the iPod after sending it a battery status request. They are extracted from two bytes of data sent by the iPod in response to that request. The communication protocol is not public, therefore all details have to be worked out (reverse engineered).

The numbers you have match the numbers I have for a nano 7G that is currently charging.

I have the first number down as 0 = charging, 1 = charged (which seems to be wrong in the case of the nano 7G).

For the second number, I have:

3 = charging
2 = charged
1 = not charging

I don't know what the third number is, unfortunately, but 100 would seem to be normal.

I'm doubtful the numbers can tell you if your iPod's battery is faulty. I'd imagine their intended purpose is limited to things that iTunes can tell you.

If the shuffle 2G isn't recognised by the computer, the component won't be able to help I'm afraid. I'd check if it's still recognised by another computer if you haven't already. (If it is, maybe a USB hub would help at a guess.)
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