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Topic: "Audiophile" listening event @ Definitive Audio in Seattle (Read 97031 times) previous topic - next topic
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"Audiophile" listening event @ Definitive Audio in Seattle

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"Dragon Boats" from Lift is far more interesting.

Possibly a 16-bit recording extended to 24 bits with the wrong dither settings.

Another possibility is High Definition Compatible Digital. This looks like it would introduce some interesting non-linearities in the LS bits. Doesn't quite look like what's going on here though.

"Audiophile" listening event @ Definitive Audio in Seattle

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The 5-bit rule of thumb is new to me. Do you have a reference or can you elaborate?
It's something I heard Bob Stuart say once.

That seems like counter-evidence to me. Look at all the inaudible *necessities* that Stuart has tried to foist off on the audio world.  What do you think you'd get if you asked Stuart to justify his engineering with DBTs?

It seems to be about right, and it makes some sense from a typical simple minimum audible difference of ~ 1dB. I reckon it's closer to 0.5dB and depends on how you measure the noise, but it's something like that.

The myth here seems to be that the number of distinct levels that can be coded is limited by the number of bits.

The true answer is that number of bits required to transparently encode noise has a lot to do with the characteristics of the noise itself and the other rules of encoding. Remember that PWM is essentially 1-bit encoding, and can encode a wide range of levels.

"Audiophile" listening event @ Definitive Audio in Seattle

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Here we go again, Arny thinks he's spotted another myth to dispel.

For white noise, some specific PDF, 44.1kHz sampling, peak normalised, there must be some specific number of bits at which you can quantise that noise that makes no audible difference, where if you use one less bit, it becomes ABXable.

The clue that I wasn't staking my life on the reliability of the "5-bit" number was in the word that I preceded it with: "about".



"Audiophile" listening event @ Definitive Audio in Seattle

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Here we have another professional that offers some clearly discernable Hires files...
There was linked to from a thread at Slimdevices as prove for 24bit superiority. Since the poster claims you feel tones above 18kHz the same way you feel a 12Hz dinosaur stomp i wonder already 
lossywav wants to keep a maximum of 16bit at some samples at least but i may misunderstood the handling of its behaviour here!?
Is troll-adiposity coming from feederism?
With 24bit music you can listen to silence much louder!

"Audiophile" listening event @ Definitive Audio in Seattle

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The online seller 7digital that offers the latest Radiohead album advertises the 24bit download with using this wording:

"The 24-bit audio resolution is so high it surpasses the signal-to-noise ratio of most consumer electronics. This however means that the sound is transparent and free of low-level digital noise."
Thanks spoon for linking there.

Since we have several samples now that show below there is mostly noise this argument isn´t to much plausible to me anymore. It may be better to have nothing in the last 8 bit, thus 16bit.
Nothing can produce less low-level noise as non existing noise
They may of cause mean there is no need for dithering (noise) such music. Even if its origin is from a higher samplerate and therefore should be dithered when prepared for 24bit/44.1khz imho.
I don´t want to start the same endless discussion like after the apple announcement going 24bit but what do you think?

I only wondered about the way they reasoning the 24bit format. They could have simply written "Blacker Blacks"
Is troll-adiposity coming from feederism?
With 24bit music you can listen to silence much louder!

"Audiophile" listening event @ Definitive Audio in Seattle

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I don't think you should spend even one second of your life pondering what a marketing department really meant - after all, they won't have done!


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