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Playback order - "logarithmic repetition" for efficient learning

Hello guys,
I lack any programming skills, but I'm an enthusiastic language learner.
suppose you learn anything with audio. suppose you have 100 lessons in your playlist.
Can someone easily create a script for this scenario:
Today I have learned lesson 96. I press 96 and listen to the audio. then a repetition of 96-1 = 95. then of 95-2 = 93.  then of 93-3= 90.
Suppose that is enough repetitions for me, then I can progress to lesson 97, followed automatically by 96,94,91 and so on.
This results in last lessons repeating frequently (for long-term memory storage), and older - in bigger intervals.
So the script regards to the file one presses to hear first (let's call it "the head") and generates a certain amount of "tails".

I think this could benefit a lot of people-  language learners, music students and so on.
Anyone up for this short challenge?