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Support - (fb2k) / Foobar changing it size of its window.
Last post by Wolfbane -
Seems there is some bug, with FooBar, and the size of the program changes. Because I changed windows resolution and "scale".

I use FooBar to stream, and I do capture windows, so I want my FooBar to stay at the same size always.
I streamed and after my stream, changed resolution & scale, and closed Foobar, (not sure in what order).
But next time I opened up FooBar the size of the window was twice as large.
And there is no way to get it back to the exact same size, so I have to redo OBS captures, and change filter settings.
Long story short... Hope someone looks into this, so even if I fix my layout, would be nice if the fooBar window does not change it size, just because windows 10 resolution and scale changed temporarily. (it did not change back when I turned down the scale)

the smallest Scale one can have is 100%.
So lets say I had foobar active, had scale at 100%,
changed scale to 125% then close foobar.
And next time I opened up foobar when my setting is at 100%, it only remember the "size" of when I closed the program.
And that would be a Foobar at 25% extra size.

I stream in 1920x1080 so I have my main monitor on that size when I stream.
And offstream I change my desktop to 3440x1440 and 125% Scale ( )

AAC - General / Re: FDK-AAC quality?
Last post by damian101 -
The FDK AAC encoder uses some aggressive denoising, even at quality 5, which means it's technically never transparent, depending on the source.
Listening Tests / Re: A Session In The Abyss: xHE-AAC vs OPUS at 12, 24 and 32 kbps (voice & music)
Last post by binaryhermit -
More proof that mp3 is a dead format.

Not necessarily dead...
Most audio podcasts are still distributed as mp3s and, say, what the TWiT network uses, I believe mono 64 kbps mp3 is perfectly acceptable to my ears for voice.

Sure, there probably are better options for quality in the range below ~128 kbps or so but it's certainly not "dead" as there are still many mp3s being made and they still can be played and probably will be able to for the forseeable future.
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