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mp3 encoding quality with Apple Music App

    In the early days of iTunes the quality of Apple's mp3 encoder was low, compared with other mp3 encoders or with Apple's own AAC.  I assume this "quality problem" has been fixed by now.  Right?
    I want to encode a CD collection into mp3 (instead of AAC) for compatibility, because mp3 can be used with my portable players and car stereo.  Will there be much difference in quality between mp3's made with the latest Apple Music App (on a Mac running Big Sur) at high bitrates -- like 256 kbps, VBR, Joint Stereo (or should I choose Normal Stereo?) -- compared with files made using LAME MP3 or Apple AAC?

Re: mp3 encoding quality with Apple Music App

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I am not aware of any listening tests for the Apple MP3 encoder. I very much doubt that they have invested money or time improving the quality of it.

I'd suggest that if you need MP3 and are concerned about quality, why not use a 3rd party tool? EAC on Windows or XLD on MacOS.

Also, always use joint stereo unless you have a highly specific use case (general music isn't one).

Re: mp3 encoding quality with Apple Music App

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Use LAME like every normal person.
V2 is ideal. Great size and it should work everywhere.
If you car has problem with VBR files then encode using CBR at 192 kbit/s or more.
Everything above 16/44 is scam.
Always download first release, never remastered/HD release.

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