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Monkey's Audio 10.18 (licensing has changed to 3-clause BSD)

2023-08-11 07:41:50 by ktf | Views: 4038 | Comments: 11

According to the changelog, Monkey's Audio is licensed under 3-clause BSD starting with version 10.18, released the 10th August of 2023. This is the same kind of license FLAC and WavPack use.

Version 10.18 (August 10, 2023)

  •     Changed: Switched to the three clause BSD license to simplify inclusion of the source code.
  •     Changed: Renamed some macros from MAC_ to APE_ since APE is a little more widely used now.
  •     Changed: Updated to Visual Studio 17.7.0 (fixed code analysis warning about directories in the last builds).
  •     Changed: Updated the installer to NSIS 3.09.
  •     Changed: Updated to version 2.80 of the ALAC tool.


Foobar2000 2.0 has been released

2023-04-27 07:44:57 by birdie | Views: 3326 | Comments: 0

Notable new features
  • Now available for x86 32-bit (legacy), x86 64-bit and ARM (ARM64EC).
  • Dark mode support on Windows 10 (1809 or newer) and 11.
  • Improved performance with large libraries.
  • Greatly improved performance of all search operations.
  • Added album art in Default User Interface playlist view.
  • New UI element: ReFacets, reimplementing most of Facets functionality.
  • New audio output device management features - unwanted devices can be disabled, bit depth and DSP can be configured per-device.
  • More audio formats supported out of the box: TAK, APE, AC3, DTS.
  • Added crossfeed DSP from foobar2000 mobile.
For Columns UI users
Some of Default User Interface elements are now available in Columns UI:
  • Equalizer
  • ReFacets
  • All visualisations
Component features that are now available out of the box
These add-on components are now obsolete as their functionality is available out of the box:
  • foo_benchmark
  • foo_bitcompare
  • foo_verifier
  • foo_ac3
  • foo_sanitizer
  • foo_input_dts
  • foo_input_monkey
These components previously included with the installer are no longer optional (features always enabled):
  • foo_rgscan
  • foo_cdda
  • foo_albumlist


Opus 1.4 released [2023-04-20]

2023-04-20 12:12:59 by birdie | Views: 3727 | Comments: 0

Opus 1.4 brings the following improvements and fixes:
  • Improved tuning of the Opus in-band FEC (LBRR). See the for details
  • Added a OPUS_SET_INBAND_FEC(2) option that turns on FEC, but does not force SILK mode (FEC will be disabled in CELT mode)
  • Improved tuning and various fixes to DTX
  • Added Meson support, improved CMake support


Code: [Select]
% sha256sum opus-1.4.tar.gz
c9b32b4253be5ae63d1ff16eea06b94b5f0f2951b7a02aceef58e3a3ce49c51f opus-1.4.tar.gz

% sha1sum opus-1.4.tar.gz
c53b3a74fc26fb2c2314afe958be30d169bd029a  opus-1.4.tar.gz

% md5sum opus-1.4.tar.gz
0d89c15268c5c5984f583d7997d2a148  opus-1.4.tar.gz