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General Audio / Re: Advice on transformer hum
Last post by extracampine -
Perhaps there is. The DAC does have a tube rectifier as you mention.
General - (fb2k) / Re: DATE does not show YEAR tag
Last post by EpicForever -
Porcus, that's extreme audiophilia :P
General - (fb2k) / Re: Group By - Albums of same name
Last post by Porcus -
You have a few others, , maybe there is one in the Related whitespace characters without Unicode character property "WSpace=Y" section that does not show as box.

Yet another alternative: fill up the end with a lot of ordinary spaces, so the horizontal line to the right will be gone, for every entry - making them all "look the same".
Hm, Is it possible to simply read headers, and then go to the very end of the file and read it from the back? And make the seekbar works backwards? Of course for all those emulated formats still full decode and caching would be necessary...

Thats not how input services in fb2k's ecosystem work. The reverse decoder is simply a proxy which decodes files with the input services registered, reverses the samples, and then plays that temp file back.

Theres no way to force input decoders to go backwards.
General - (fb2k) / Re: DATE does not show YEAR tag
Last post by Porcus -
Thanks again, I indeed disabled this option as I knew I wouldn't want to tag files with foobar!

You will find all those things by Shift+right click.

Non-fb2k tip:
If you do not want any other applications to touch your file timestamps, then give the file ownership to some other user (Administrator would be the lazy choice), and give your default user merely read access. Then run Mp3tag as administrator.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Group By - Albums of same name
Last post by j7n -
This is exactly what I wanted, Porcus.

However, this zero width space displays as a box on my system in most fonts, including on the Wikipedia page. It works with Lucida Sans Unicode, and Adobe fonts, which I don't want to use.

I have come up with a solution using Thin Space and Hair Space characters next to it, which are 1 pixel wide. And to my surprise, there already is a crc32() function in Foobar.

Code: [Select]

ESplaylist is good. I like the artwork display, and the grouping works as you say. But I cannot replace the normal playlist with it. I currently have about 20 customized columns for the default interface, which I display and hide as needed. There appears to be no way of saving them in ESplaylist. Once I "delete" a column by right-clicking on it, it is gone.
What's in a name, but ... a name foo_input_bar suggests it provides a way to decode some format/codec <bar>.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: AdPlug
Last post by EpicForever -
@mudlord : I need.
And I also noticed that foo_input_adplug git does not list any change - I checked it before I posted yesterday.
And now I can say - @kode54 - thank you kindly for this important knowledge. Those still using v 1.3.16/17 will most likely stay with what they have, while I will bother myself to update it, as I use v 1.4 beta 3.  Here you have clear usage scenario for brief change log updates.
If you still have old playlists, you can then export them to .m3u files. Then you can open .m3u file in Notepad, hit "Ctrl+H" and replace old paths with new ones. Then save it with just "Ctrl+S". Then you import modified playlist back in the foobar... It will take some time until foobar will read all metadata from files, but that's just software's job, while you will simply retain all original file paths.
General - (fb2k) / Re: DATE does not show YEAR tag
Last post by EpicForever -
Honestly for this purpose I just added my own tag named "Date added" and I made it one of standard fields in foobar (I love this feature :) . And I simply fill it in manually, each time something is added to my library. I even configured EAC to add it automatically to newly ripped files after filling it in in one of available fields of EAC GUI (you need to set correct field mappings and add them as command line parameters for used compressor - in my case for flac.exe). I think that right now you can transfer modification dates to such tag fields using both foobar and MP3Tag capabilities.
Having such tag you can make a custom column from it and then simply sort everything by this column...