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AAC encoder Test vectors (pcm files)

Please let me know any link for downloading aac encoder test vectors (PCM files) .
I mean SQAM test files.
Also I need peaq tool for comparison, please let me know if any have idea about this link.

AAC encoder Test vectors (pcm files)

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Google -> PQEvalAudio

Hi Graf,

Thanks for the reply and test files .
I can get only 44.1Khz sampling frequency test files for the location, I think I can sox and convert for different sampling frequency ??

As you  mentioned about the peaq tool and ODG google for "PQEvalAudio" , I did it , then I got the PQevalAudio.exe tool , which support only for 48K sampling frequency.
Please see the error message in below,
PQevalAudio: Invalid sampling frequency, must be 48000

Could you please help me the proper test vectors we use for aac encoder testing,
for example,

1.wav (SQAM test files ) --- >> my aacEncoder --->> 1.aac --- > faad ---> 1'.wav

do peaq.exe 1.wav (input) 1'.wav (faad output)

compare ODG result


I need the following details :

1- where I can get input test vectors for my aac encoder (I mean SQAM test files)
2- peaq.exe tool for compare
3- result compare by using ODG table or something else.


AAC encoder Test vectors (pcm files)

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You can resample 44.1kHz->48kHz with sox indeed.


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