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Which Windows-based audio player do you use most?

  • foobar2000
    199 (75.4%)
  • iTunes
    9 (3.4%)
  • Winamp (and compatibles, ie. MediaMonkey, etc.)
    25 (9.5%)
  • XMPlay (and BASS derivatives, ie. 1by1, AIMP, Potplayer, etc.)
    5 (1.9%)
  • dBpoweramp
    0 (0%)
  • J River Media Centre
    7 (2.7%)
  • Windows Media Player
    1 (0.4%)
  • VLC
    5 (1.9%)
  • Spotify
    3 (1.1%)
  • Other (Please mention which in a comment)
    10 (3.8%)

Total Members Voted: 295

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2012 Windows Audio Player Usage Poll
Reply #25
Foobar2000 on the desktop and windows side of the laptop. I use Rhythmbox on the Ubuntu side of the laptop but  would something something as Foobar2k as like as possible, just have not looked at the alternatives available yet.

  • Exposure
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2012 Windows Audio Player Usage Poll
Reply #26
Main usage: FB2K with DFX 9 Audio enhancer.

All audio software in use in my PC:
- FB2K (as mentioned, because of Facets Database, Shpeck, great TAK support, and much more. A real monsterous audio machine    ).
- Winamp (for V2M, Shoutcast and looks).
- XMPlay (for esotheric module codecs, not very often).
- Others:
-- ModPlug Player (modules, not very often though, since I have DUMB Module component in FB2K).
-- DeliPlayer (Amiga Modules, not very often, I Don't have much on my PC).
-- MegaMID (MS-DOS Sound Blaster MIDI files, like the above - not very often).

I also have JetAudio which I don't use at all. I have this because of 2 COWON products I own.

  • sld
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2012 Windows Audio Player Usage Poll
Reply #27
I use Daum PotPlayer, but as a video player. Much better than VLC.

Have been using FB2K since its infancy.

  • kennedyb4
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2012 Windows Audio Player Usage Poll
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I use Winamp for critical listening because of the adapt-x plugin.

  • tazdev
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2012 Windows Audio Player Usage Poll
Reply #29
Used to use WinAmp, but occasionally it froze or crashed, which could have been PC problem but couldn't cure it, so removed it.
Then started using iTunes about 3-4yrs ago, which was easy to use but not flexible enough, used to change settings without asking during upgrades & wouldn't play .flac files.
Tried FB2K, can't see the attraction tbh, too geeky out of the box & I couldn't be bothered reading a manual & help pages all the time. Anyway, each to their own I guess.
Settled on MusicBee - easy to use straightaway & able to tweak n change as you go.

Also use a mixture of EAC, TagScanner, Audacity & dBpoweramp Reference on wav-flac-mp3 files.