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Re: [Old] Vorbis Streamer (foo_vorbisstream)

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Hello. Priest_1, in shuicast "start in tray" and "autoconnect" does not work with windows 10.

Re: [Old] Vorbis Streamer (foo_vorbisstream)

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I tried to use vorbisstreamer with server shoutcast, but is isn't work. How to use shuicast? I downloaded version from github. But i have problem. When I run shuicast.exe to configure the application i gave this error. Sorry,  my windows language is other than english and I don't know that Google Translate correctly translate this, so i post the original monit
shuicast.exe - Błąd aplikacji  dialog  Aplikacja nie została właściwie uruchomiona (0xc000007b). Kliknij przycisk OK, aby zakończyć aplikację.
My question is, how can I configure shuicast to just be able to play from it to the shoutcast server?

Re: [Old] Vorbis Streamer (foo_vorbisstream)

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I like to use Foobar2000 as music streamer for internet radio. I downloaded Vorbis streamer (, installed and setup.
Im using "Listen 2 my radio" as radio host which alows shoutcast and icecast. Till now i used Winamp for stream but as im using Foobar for all others...want to use only one.
Can someone help me with settings step by step as i tried all but simply can't make Foobar works.

Thank you.

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Re: [Old] Vorbis Streamer (foo_vorbisstream)

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Hello Sveakul,

Thats it...this is what i was looking for. Works perfect. Thank you very much.