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Crowd developed headphones: advice on voice quality requirements

Hi Folks!

We are currently developing a pair of over ear noise canceling headphones and we want to make sure that voice call quality and background noise canceling gets as big of a priority as audio performance. As that's where most headphones lack nowadays.

We are looking for a lab or some company that specializes on algorithms related to mics on headphones, dsps for mics etc. I was wondering if anyone has any idea of best guys in the industry for this. I know this sub is full of pros :D

You can see more about our project for context here if you are interested (,117838.0.html)

Re: Crowd developed headphones: advice on voice quality requirements

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If you have two mics one on each ear, you can isolate and enhance the wearer's voice which should be coming from the middle with various nontrivial algorithms (cancelling out the wearer's voice, by subtracting the two mic's output from each other, WOULD be trivial  ;D )

Three or more mics and you can really triangulate on the sound source  :))

Frankly my partner in crime (who is not a member here) knows more about mic processing than I do.  You've got pm from me :)