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Re: Great killer sample, easy to ABX on most codecs

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Speaking of EQ, precise measurement with a calibrated input (microphone with known frequency response to capture the response of speakers in an acoustic dampening chamber, or dummy head with known response to capture headphones or earphones), this can and has been used by both professionals and volunteers to create equalization curves for specific models of speakers and headphones. They're likely to work for most devices in the same product line. They're designed to compensate for the biases or weaknesses in the response curve of the device, so they will produce as flat a response as is possible for the device in question.

As far as equalization is concerned, that's pretty much the only method I'd condone for production, and also for testing.

Hand tuning things can be fine, but could also result in noticing things that shouldn't affect casual listening. I recommend looking around for EQ presets for your exact model of device if you lack the equipment to calibrate it yourself. Of course, calibrating it by ear is probably okay to begin with, and may be better than forcing yourself to listen to horribly out of balance audio.

Check out AutoEq, they may have presets for your device:

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