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Topic: EAC v1.4 always writes log for 2nd compressor (Read 2435 times) previous topic - next topic - Topic derived from Exact Audio Copy v1.4
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EAC v1.4 always writes log for 2nd compressor

Hello. The log now doubles the extraction process. Also, the log contains 2nd compressor's settings even if it is switched off.

Re: EAC v1.4 always writes log for 2nd compressor

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The extraction process is not doubled.
The selection is extracted from CD to WAV once
compressed by external program
compressed by additional external program

I reported log file issue to the developer

I have a workaround: Make sure the 'Additional Filename' Naming scheme doesn't have a valid path when you're not using 'an additional external program for compression'
'Filename' Naming scheme: %tracknr2% %title%
'Additional Filename' Naming scheme: none\%tracknr2% %title%

Re: EAC v1.4 always writes log for 2nd compressor

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Thanks for reporting the issue. Yes, I meant that information about extraction was doubled in the log. Thanks for a workaround but now I downgraded to 1.3 to wait that issue to be fixed.

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