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General - (fb2k) / Re: How do I configure spectrum visualization to display frequencies below 50 Hz?
Last post by TF3RDL -
Maybe people are getting their wires crossed a bit. here.

That's me. Had even forgotten that there were those built-in visualizations.
Or that the alternatives ( ) are not in the official component repository.

Following your link, it appears there is a successor to Musical Spectrum by thw same dev that might do what the OP wants (it also has a configurable Spectrogram), but it hasn't been released yet:

Looking forward to this!
That Sb-sDFT was never a thing (also, the link to the page is dead since Wreck-it Woodhouse was meant to be a test wiki anyway), it was succeeded by CQT Analyzer and the FFT Analyzer can also visualize spectrogram too.

Cool: I found a public Git repository containing an implementation of CQT using Accelerate framework, calling itself CQTKit.

Not so cool: No license, headers only contain a copyright notice to the author of the repository.
Speaking of the constant-Q transform and sliding DFT thing (since calculating musical spectrum using Goertzel transform is painfully slow and offloading it to GPU may not be practical for anything outside PCs designed for gaming or machine learning), there is a sliding implementation of the constant-Q part of calcSpectrum2() function on my sketch called qdft by jurihock, but no variable-Q transform unlike foo_cqt_analyzer
General - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 v2.1 bugs
Last post by sveakul -
After updating to v2.1x64 Preview-2023-06-07 over 2.0x64 Final, I find that when using "check for updated components" I will occasionally receive the message "Could not check for updates: The specified data could not be decrypted."  The message appears immediately, without the usual "progress bar."

Usually, checking again immediately afterwards results in a normal response.  The problem is the most reproducible when newly starting 2.1, doing a "Check for new foobar2000 versions" (always works), then right after that the "Check for updated components."  I would say the frequency of the occurence that way is about 50%.  This was never observed in 2.0 Final x64.

Windows 10 x64 22H2.
Lossless / Other Codecs / Re: Lossless codec comparison - part 3: CDDA (May '22)
Last post by ktf -

I've rerun the tests with two different CPUs, for exactly the same codecs (same versions, same compile, same executable etc.) so we can compare. Took me a few weeks
I'm now running the encodes/decodes on yet another CPU, on Windows 7 and on Linux through wine, to establish whether wine adds any noticeable overhead. CPU is an Haswell i7 by the way. Results should be very close to the i3 tested previously.

I have those numbers, took a while. Bottom line: not much difference except for Shorten. There is a small difference in file size, but that is probably because one of the tests is measuring actual file size and the other file size on disk or something like that. For the wine results WMA Lossless is missing (because it is an OS component) and for the other TTA is missing, because I couldn't get it to work properly.

General - (fb2k) / Re: Pls walk me through steps for getting my fb2k to load and play DSD files
Last post by GeorgeNJAudio -
This is beyond my experience/knowledge...
For testing purposes, try one of the [exclusive] outputs (which is WASAPI Exclusive).
Try the official ASIO output:

Thanks, Gus! Give that a try and if that doesn't work I'll post a new thread on the forum here.

Maybe the SACD input has to be configured to output to PCM? (I'm not actually using it, I don't have DSD files or a DAC).
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Biography Discussion
Last post by WilB -

Thanks for Biography, a true gem for foobar2000!
Thanks for you kind words!

Is it possible to manually add images to Biography..
You can copy custom photos into the download folder of the artist. That requires 'options > image tab > photos' disabled.

Also would like to add own text about the artist
Use menu > sources > paste text from clipboard. You may need to press shift for that menu item to show (behaviour can be changed in options > behaviour tab)

For some reason wikipedia does not show up here, I can't figure out why?
I can't see anything obvious in the parts of the path visible. But you've hidden part of the path (for obvious reasons).

Most likely reason is the path isn't entered correctly, e.g. a missing \ etc

You can check the location using the preview.

If you can't see anything, if the path works, copy it into notepad.
Then copy the wikipedia path directly underneath.
That way it can be easier to see less obvious differences.

You should just be able to copy/move yttm or subfolders, so long as folder/file structure is same.

You could also consider using the default cache, unless you have a specific reason why it's unsuitable for you. It's neat and out of the way in package_data. You may have to click hide folders on download tab to access the setting. If you let bio download a few things it will create the folders. The folder/file structure is the standard one, and so long as you haven't changed yttm subfolders, you can copy existing items in obviously omitting yttm. If you go down this route, do a few items of each type to begin with to ensure it's all working as expected.

Thanks for the feedback. The issue seems to be related to filmstrip > overlay image area being enabled. Disabling should stop the issue (if the menu item is greyed out, change to a different layout temporarily [e.g. top]). The next version should have a proper fix.