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Topic: libavcodec/libfdk-aacenc.c error while compiling ffmpeg (Read 7910 times) previous topic - next topic
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libavcodec/libfdk-aacenc.c error while compiling ffmpeg

I've been suggested to write in this forum because of my problem with libfdk-aacenc.c error while compiling ffmpeg.

I'm trying to install FFMPEG on my Raspeberry following this procedure:

While doing this step of the procedure:

Code: [Select]
sudo apt-get install -y xserver-xorg-dev libxext-dev build-essential libxi-dev libglu1-mesa-dev libglew-dev
tar xvfz jpegsrc*
cd jpeg-9c
./configure --enable-shared --prefix=$CONFIGURE_PREFIX
make -j4
sudo make install

I'm getting this error while compiling:

Code: [Select]
libavcodec/libfdk-aacenc.c:289:34: error: ‘AACENC_InfoStruct {aka struct <anonymous>}’ has no member named ‘encoderDelay’; did you mean ‘nDelay’?

Can you please help me?  :(

Re: libavcodec/libfdk-aacenc.c error while compiling ffmpeg

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There was a major API change on libfdk-aac side (FDKv2) on 2018-8-31, and the error is because you are using recent libfdk-aac and old ffmpeg that does not yet support newer API.

You need ffmpeg at least newer than this commit:

commit ffb9b7a6bab6c6bfd3dd9a7c32e3724209824999
Author: Martin Storsjö <>
Date:   Tue Sep 4 11:29:37 2018 +0300

Re: libavcodec/libfdk-aacenc.c error while compiling ffmpeg

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Hi nu774 . Can you help me to understand which step shall I update of this procedure? (

While failing, I was doing steps from 54 to 58. Shall I change the release in line 54? Or remove/add anything in line 56 (.configure)

Thanks a lot!


Re: libavcodec/libfdk-aacenc.c error while compiling ffmpeg

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I can't answer your question because I don't know why the script specifically fetches 3.4 branch of ffmpeg.
Alternatively, you can fetch older release of fdk-aac from here:

Re: libavcodec/libfdk-aacenc.c error while compiling ffmpeg

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How to fetch old release? Can you explain me the procedure?


Re: libavcodec/libfdk-aacenc.c error while compiling ffmpeg

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I'm under no obligation to feed you from a spoon, don't PM me about this.
Why don't you ask the guy who wrote it?


Re: libavcodec/libfdk-aacenc.c error while compiling ffmpeg

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I asked him but it seems to be worst than you to give advice. If you don't want to give me support it doesn't matter. I don't like people behaving like you. I prefer to don't solve the issue rather than crying to get your help.

The reason why I'm pushing you via PM is because it's more than a week trying to install this package but unfortunately the code is bugged. If the code would have been bug-free I would not have any reason to open this post.

At some point if I'll not solve the issue alone I'll escalate to someone having a higher rule in order to educate who write open source code on how to correctly answer users like me.

Thanks a lot! Really!

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