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1.0 changes relevant to component development

  • Entirely new playlist_loader API. Standard playlist_loader implementations are still possible to call through the old API for components that need them, so if your component only calls standard playlist_loaders, it should not be affected.
  • New extensions to the preferences_page API. Old implementations still work but without Apply/OK/Cancel functionality.
  • Entirely new album art manager API. Old one is still provided for backwards compatibility but does not provide new album art configuration functionality.
  • Common third party component problem with cross-thread SendMessage() inside a global callback has been worked-around on core side. While this in theory still is a component bug, the nature of the problem is too obscure for most component developers to know without studying MSDN in detail; additionally you have to be very careful regarding what third party code that you call does. Multiple components that were problematic in 0.9.x versions due to this problem are now entirely safe to use. This includes foo_w7shell and various instant messenger interaction components. The troubleshooter will be updated accordingly.

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