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Help with hello world error.

I'm new to foobar2000 plugin development and I want to get started on a plugin. I'm using visual studio 2015 and when I try to compile I get this error.
Error   C1083   Cannot open precompiled header file: 'Release\foo_sample.pch': No such file or directory

#include "stdafx.h"

// Sample initquit implementation. See also: initquit class documentation in relevant header.

class myinitquit : public initquit {
   void on_init() {
   void on_quit() {

static initquit_factory_t<myinitquit> g_myinitquit_factory;

is the only code I have to compile right now.
I'm not really sure what I'm doing wrong here.
Help would be appreciated.

Re: Help with hello world error.

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Wikipedia on precompiled header -

Are you trying to build just your cpp file and not the whole project? Try building your whole project instead, the PCH will be generated automatically then.

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