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Movie/Multichannel audio / upsampling multichannel DSD64 to DSD256 processor recommendation
Last post by Kurt7 -
I would like to know if anyone is successfully upsampling multichannel DSD64 to DSD256 with Foobar2000 V2.0  I’m currently using an old Lenovo laptop with an i5-6200U processor and 16g of RAM and cannot do it.  I’m considering a mini pc and would like to know your processor recommendations .  I have an exaSound e38 DAC.

Support - (fb2k) / Title Bar Button Issues with Foobar2000
Last post by bamajon1974 -
Good afternoon

Running Foobar2000 v2.1.5 x64 and v8.15.1 of Actual Window Manager (AWM) on Win10 v22H2.

When running Foobar2000 v2.1.5, AWM successfully shows extra title bar buttons (for my configuration, I have "move to monitor X", "Send to bottom", "Stay always on top", "Roll Up", and "Minimize to Tray") but the buttons are inaccessible (i.e., clicking the buttons does nothing, like the are not present). Moving the Foobar2000 window leaves an image of the extra title bar buttons on the desktop and minimizing Foobar2000 window still leaves an image of the extra title bar buttons on the desktop. Closing Foobar2000 does remove the image of the extra title bar buttons. Running Foobar2000 as admin has same effect.

I posted on AWM technical support forum and the moderators said this is an issue with Foobar2000.

What can be done to fix this bug so the additional titlebar buttons show up and work properly on Foobar2000?

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_quicksearch
Last post by bamajon1974 -
It looks like there is a conflict with the foo_multisource (by @veksha) and foo_quicksearch plugins.
Yes, that is right. After removing "foo_multisource" the player starts as expected.

@veksha , @NEMO7538
I experienced the same issue with QuickSearch and and MultiSource Plugins in Foobar2000 2.installed. Foobar2000 v2.1.5 x64 crashes every 2nd or 3rd startup and occurs seemingly randomly. A screenshot of the crash window and error logs are attached.