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Other Lossy Codecs / Re: exhale - Open Source USAC encoder
Last post by C.R.Helmrich -
I took a quick look at exhale sources and I don't see it doing anything to source WAV file channel order. If that's the case @john33 is absolutely correct and multichannel files encoded with it are quite broken, unless manually reordered to correct channel order.
My apologies, you're absolutely right, I totally misunderstood how the extensible WAVE format works regarding multichannel (I thought it allows to reorder the channels... which it doesn't). Just committed a fix to exhale's main branch, along with a minor tuning for the low-rate BA_MORE_CBR modes. With that the channel ordering should be correct.

Other Lossy Codecs / Re: lossyWAV 1.4.2 Development (was 1.5.0)
Last post by Nick.C -
Please find attached a new beta release of lossyWAV.

lossyWAV beta 1.4.3f, 26/05/2024 (expires 31/12/2024)
  • Due to two reported cases of apparent issues with encoders not dealing with odd length chunks properly a padding byte is now added to the end of the settings string contained in the 'fact' chunk of lossyWAV processed files, if the length of the string is initially odd, and the size of the 'fact' chunk will now always be even.