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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_truepeak True Peak Scanner
Last post by Just_Addict -
I'm beginning to wonder if I actually need this one. Given that the replaygain value in foobar2000 is calculated from lufs-i, although I'm not comfortable interpreting lufs values, re-calculating back to lufs-i should be possible, and plr can be calculated again from the replaygain values in virtual columns with a formula. Lufs-m/s have also no real meaning for me. Wouldn't know how to interpret these either. Leaves DR and ALR  values. DR values I already had a component ALR would be the only item I'd miss out on. Knowing how many frames get clipped is also not that big of a plus. Replaygain alone is a good indicator if clipping occurs, without knowing how high dB the clipped part was it's not that valuable info.

oh, almost forgot....
You keep referring to SACD's. Are those (normal 88kHz/24bit/2ch) flac files or an SACD iso? Makes a big difference.
Just normal flac files. But I get the same error with mp3's. I've only had it successfully work one time. But craft if I can find back on which track that was.
foobar2000 for Mac / Re: foobar2000 for Mac: bugs & wishes
Last post by slnc -
Thanks a lot for all the work, @Peter. I use foobar for many hours every day and every time I install an update it feels like Christmas.

Some minor suggestions for your consideration:

1) When I save a Playlist, the default export filename is Untitled.m3u8. Could we change it to be the playlist's name? I sync a dozen playlists across 3 foobar2000 mac installations and an iPhone one, and this would save me typos and time.

1b) A complementary and even better solution would be to add an "Export Library" menu option so that I have to do O(1) work per source computer each time I do a sync. At the same this would let me version control my foobar settings and track stats, and it would make my sync-across-computers setup much simpler.

2) I would like to use the "Save playback statistics on each track", but I'm not using it because when it's on, I get distracted 62 seconds after a track starts playing when the foobar2000 dock icon jumps (and an Updating Files foobar popup opens). Is it possible to update track statistics invisibly to the user?

3) Have you considered adding an "Automatically check for new foobar2000 versions once a week" feature? I now regularly "miss" on new features for days or weeks because I forget to manually check.

General - (fb2k) / Re: Sort the index.txt file for standard Playlist Switcher
Last post by regor -
I can not care less if you like it or not, it's totally fine. Really.

Is just that you are writing nonsense without reason. You simply don't understand how to use it and are complaining things don't work how you want without reading the manual or understanding the script.

1. No. You simply didn't care to change the timeouts to update the playlist list. (which again is there for files, not just UI playlists).
2. I gave you the explanation on github.
3. Read 1. xd You can make it refresh on real time.
4. This is like saying foobar is overly complex when you only need WMP.
5. Again you don't understanding the features YOU have set. Because that feature is not active by default.
6. Wow 13 bugs on a year. Incredible. All fixed within a week. Do you know how ridiculous that sounds? I mean, if you read marc's threads, it's like sometimes he updates a plugin 3 times a day because of bugs or errors xd does that make him or his plugins bad? too many bugs? I don't think so.

I'm out of this conver, have no time to waste with people not reading manuals and just asking devs to set things to their liking.