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General - (fb2k) / Re: Help with DAC / DSD and Foobar
Last post by s25a -

thanks a lot. Yes you're right it transmitted via DOP which doubles the rate here.  There's another Plugin for Foobar which enables a native DSD transmissio I didn't know before. So I installed that and now it works in native mode and DSD512 also works :-)

The only disadvantage of this plugin (which is An ASIO Passthrough device) PCM 768 does not work any longer. I mean honestly :-) That's not an issue as there's almost no music on the market. However just out of interest - if there's something that you can do to enable with that ASIO device, appreciate your feedback to this :-)

Thanks and have a great day

Support - (fb2k) / Re: Trouble importing playback statistics
Last post by ragehard -
Thanks for the reply.

It seems while I was messing around I've set the date to 2018 and imported it. This has lead to a date added of 1601-01-01 01:00:00!
This must be why im I'm unable to change it now, as every change has been to a newer value. Reset statistics only seems to reset playcounts, so I think i may be stuck.

Thanks anyway
General - (fb2k) / Re: Help with DAC / DSD and Foobar
Last post by .halverhahn -
My educated guess is:

DSD is transmited to your DAC using DoP (DSD over PCM).

As you can see in your video DSD is utilizing:
DSD64 = PCM 176.4kHz
DSD128 = PCM 352.8kHz
DSD256 = PCM 705.6kHz
DSD512 = PCM 1411.2kHz

Your max. PCM frequency is 768kHz, so your max. usable DSD is DSD256.

Btw. From the specs (page 11-13) the best THD+N and S/N is archieved at 44.1kHz or ANY DSD rate (beware: bandwidth of 20-20kHz, and I assume this also true for any PCM and not just for 44.1kHz). Except DSD512: Quote from the specs "Analog characteristics are not guaranteed when the DSD dataStream is 22.5782MHz"

The Specs:

Support - (fb2k) / Re: Conversion failed: File is already in use
Last post by pikashi -
I also got another problem about "file in use" in foobar2000 with Google Backup and Sync. When a file is syncing in Backup and Sync tool, I can edit it with WinRAR (if it's a .rar package) or rename it (in Explorer or use Foobar2000's rename util), but if I edit the tags of it or attach images in Foobar2000, the "file in use" warning comes.
General - (fb2k) / Help with DAC / DSD and Foobar
Last post by s25a -
Hi all,

I have purchased some parts from DIY in HK and built everything. In Detail it is
- Isolated XMOS 768 USB PCB:
- AK4497 DAC (with specific firmware for the Isolated XMOS
- OLED Display.

It was pretty easy to setup and everything is working except DSD512. I have tried almost everything and I am already in contact with the support team. However they just say it should work. I have made a screen cast and uploaded on my one drive.!Al2Cg0XrL0I-grdkngQ1eetlZaPaSQ

Can you please have a look and help with it?  Thanks a lot in advance and have a great day

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