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Re: Developer Tutorials

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I mostly just wanted to say thanks to people, as using info from the recent posts, I have been able to get Visual Studio 2019 to compile foo_sample in the  SDK, and it appears to work with Foobar.  Now for the hard part, figuring out how to learn enough to code my planned component. 
Basically, I have the desire to capture the title, artist, & genre from both the prior and next songs of the current playlist,  Then create Title Formatting fields to put them into, so that I can display them, via the foo_osd On-Screen Display component, (along with the current song info, that I already display). 
Any suggestions are welcome.  Wish me luck.
Thanks again.


Re: Developer Tutorials

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Are there any updated foobar2000 component developer tutorials available? The link in the top post ( doesn't seem to actually contain any tutorials. Searching google is only returning links that describe how to setup foobar2000, not how to develop components.