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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_vis_spectrum_analyzer
Last post by pqyt -
which is absent in this CodePen project and even older version of this component

Was there a reason to revert that change? As of now it looks odd to resize the window in such a way where all the bands are laid out without any gaps
Different opinions. I can't please everybody. There was a heavy push to get everything pixel-aligned. There is no such thing as half-a-pixel: if everything needs to be aligned and evenly spaced then the bars needs to have a width that is an integer and therefor the whole component width can not be used.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_truepeak True Peak Scanner
Last post by Defender -
I just scanned a SACD release (24bit/88.2kHz) with my Foobar 2.1.5 64 bit and the latest True Peak Scanner 0.6.10.  Worked just fine....

Console stated:
True Peak Scanning track: D:\Music\FLAC HD\Davis, Miles\1959 Kind of Blue (SACD 2.0) (88.2kHz-24bit)\Miles Davis - Kind of Blue (SACD 2.0) (88.2kHz-24bit) - 01 - So What.flac
Oversampling to 352800 Hz with Resampler (SoX)
You are scanning FLAC files in 88kHz/24bit/2ch which were originally converted from a SACD (iso), not the actual SACD (iso).
Scanning an SACD iso is a lot slower than just scanning hires FLAC.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_truepeak True Peak Scanner
Last post by francesco -

I don't see any old versions available.  Not sure what you like better in those?  In the settings in the latest version you can turn on and off anything you want. 
just because it was more simple , but after your post ,it 's everything more clear

There is a lot of info.  I have a post a few back which outlines some definitions for the scanned values.  The ones in bold below ar ethe ones I care about most and have added them as a column in my Foobar playlist.  I slightly revised it and pasted it here:
I know , but do you use all these informations for obtain some knowledge about audio files
or just to apply album/track replaygain ?

thanks , really appreciate your exhaustive answer , really
Other Lossy Codecs / Re: Can I make my own psychoacoustics audio codec?
Last post by fooball -
ChatGPT can't create a new encoder because it's too complex.
ChatGPT can only produce the simplest code.  It can produce a starting point for slightly more complex code, but the code then needs human tweaking to make it work properly.  But in all cases, you have to remember that AI is an illusion: the answers it produces to queries are a digest of existing information and misinformation, and although on the surface of it the answers produced appear authoritative, in fact they may be garbage and require detailed checking.

EG: when somebody said the cheese wouldn't stick on their pizza, AI suggested using glue in the recipe.  Rely on AI at your own risk.
Other Lossy Codecs / Re: Can I make my own psychoacoustics audio codec?
Last post by fooball -
Can I make my own psychoacoustics audio codec
Only if you're willing to do all the work yourself.
So you've answered your own question.

You've been on about this right left and centre.  There is no purpose in reinventing the wheel, there are already sufficient wheels.  Businesses invent new wheels so they can control them, not because they're needed.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_truepeak True Peak Scanner
Last post by Case -
Error: failed to instantiate ReplayGain scanner.
Oversampling to 192000 (sometimes 220500) Hz with Resampler (RetroArch)

Default ReplayGain is configured to use RetroArch at 192000
I can only think of two reasons why instantiation fails: foo_rgscan component isn't installed or the system is out of memory and can't allocate a few kilobytes. But sounds like you have ReplayGain scanner component installed if you can adjust its settings. The API doesn't return any extended information about failure reason.
And the reason I use core ReplayGain scanner instead of libebur is that Peter's code is much more optimized. I can perform all the extra work and still get results faster than just loudness estimation with libebur alone would be.