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bookmarking position in audiobooks/podcasts

Hello, I tried a short search of the forums but nothing turned up.
Would it be possible to add a bookmark feature to foobar2000?
I would like a button along with the Play/Pause/etc. buttons to click that saves the current position I am at and have a bookmark icon be displayed in the playlist next to the file much like the pause icon is displayed now. whenever i would "play" that file it would jump right to the bookmarked position and continue from there. clicking the bookmark button now would unbookmark the current position, clicking it again would bookmark the new position. clicking the play button would start the file from the beginning as usual.

Often I find myself doing something different after listening to a podcast for an hour. Eventually I want to use foobar2k again to play some music but that makes me lose the position and having to find it everytime with the position bar is a minor nuisance.

I think this would add a lot to foobar and fit into it's minimal interface nicely.

Thank you for reading this.

bookmarking position in audiobooks/podcasts

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Something like this is already possible with playlist attributes plugin.
It can remember playback position per playlist. You can therefore listen to a book in one playlist and play music in another.