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How do I rip (losslessly) an SACD ISO ?

as above. I tried FLAC and wavpack and it keeps on saying "fb2k does NOT support DSD passthrough. The conversion will not be lossless".

I used this 3rd party plugin ( to get fb2k to read the SACD ISO.

Thank you!

Re: How do I rip (losslessly) an SACD ISO ?

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SACD ISO is a lossless rip already.

Re: How do I rip (losslessly) an SACD ISO ?

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DSD (PWM) to PCM will never be "lossless" as they are two incompatible formats.  Any difference, however, is inaudible.  Your conversion to Wavpack or FLAC will be fine.  Click "Do not ask again" and move on.

Re: How do I rip (losslessly) an SACD ISO ?

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First ask yourself: why convert? To play with something else than fb2k? fb2k can play it.

* No use in converting to WavPack/FLAC with fb2k, as it will generate huge files (that are lossy, but differences are inaudible).

* WavPack can losslessly compress DSD, but then you need to use the WavPack executable. And I think you need to extract from the ISO with first?

* If the ISO contains DST-compressed DSD, then WavPack cannot handle it and it is also already compressed to smaller size than WavPack ever can. But if the ISO contains DSF/DSDIFF, then WavPacking would probably save space.

Re: How do I rip (losslessly) an SACD ISO ?

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Huh, I thought WavPack could extract DST compression before applying its own compression? It would be a better choice for that anyway. Even though it compresses with less efficiency, resulting in slightly larger files, it decompresses considerably faster, only requiring a single core at about 20-30% to play in real time, as opposed to DST needing to gang four cores all together running pretty much 100% to decompress four blocks at a time, for the same real time playback.

Re: How do I rip (losslessly) an SACD ISO ?

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WavPack ignores DST files. Rule of thumb is that WavPack cannot take as input what it cannot output, and it cannot output DST ...
as you once pointed out, there could be patent issues to it.

sacd_extract -c can convert DST to ordinary DSD.

Re: How do I rip (losslessly) an SACD ISO ?

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Huh, that sucks. I guess it takes an extra step, then.