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Is It Possible To Fetch Five Tracks At A Time From A Playlist?

I would like to create a playlist that will automatically refresh itself after every X number of new file adds.  Is this possible at all with fb2k?  Is there a component that will accomplish such a thing?  Let me share exactly what I am looking to accomplish:

I have a specific playlists that plays unique songs from my music library.  I like to select one specific playlist based on my mood then shuffle the content.  I allow my music to play nonstop.  What I want to happen is that I only want to play songs that I have not been played in the last 45 days to skip replays.

I did try using the Skip Track component, but this is not working so great.  It's very slow and there may be some memory issues during long play times.  Windows 10 will sometimes run very slow until I close fb2k.  Also, Skip Track will also have fb2k completely frozen while it's looking for the next unplayed track.  I could simply write filter criteria that does this, but I want it to add only five files at a time each fetch.  If I can repeat this, I will get exactly what I am after, and it will play nonstop without the hanging or slowness.

Re: Is It Possible To Fetch Five Tracks At A Time From A Playlist?

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Incidentally, I am not implying that Skip Track component has an issue.  I did post regarding fb2k slowness in the past.  The thought at the time was due to JavaScript issues causing leaks in the skin I use.  When I close then restart fb2k it does speedup, but Skip Track is slow when looking for the next unplayed track.  This is the design of the component.


Re: Is It Possible To Fetch Five Tracks At A Time From A Playlist?

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As far as I have understood... you want to take Playlist A, which is manually created by you at some point, and then other day use it as a source for a new playlist but applying a new condition on those tracks like "all tracks from Playlist A not played in the last 45 days". And also the tracks should be shuffled. Is that right?

You can accomplish that with Playlist Manager. Creating a Smart Playlist which allows using queries like this: "#PLAYLIST# IS Playlist A AND NOT %last_played% DURING LAST 45 DAYS". Like an auto-playlist but using other playlist as a source instead of the library. You can also limit the number of tracks from the source.

You can also do it with Playlist Tools. Either with Pools (it would work similar to the smart playlist thing) or manually -you can also limit the number of tracks from the source or even set multiple sources-, filtering the source playlist with a query "NOT %last_played% DURING LAST 45 DAYS". In either case you can automatize the steps with macros too. Once the playlist is created, you can be sure the tracks there are the ones to play... although you would want to recreate the playlist on every session.

Probably you can also use facets or something like that to filter the source playlist and send the results to a new playlist too. It's just a matter of how many steps you want to perform -manually-.

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EDIT: Btw... if you really really want to make it all automatic, you could use the Playlist manager to automatically tag tracks added to a playlist with a special tag. You could then use that tag along the last played part to create an auto-playlist which would be updated on real time (Smart Playlists are only updated on demand). Just read the manual.