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Disable automatic resampling

There's a setting called "Automatic resampling preference", which lets you set an SRC.
Is it also possible to turn resampling in f2k off, leaving it to Windows instead? I just need it for some testing...

Re: Disable automatic resampling

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Using 1.5.x would be fine. If I just leave that setting empty it won't resample, or do I need to do something?

Also, I believe 1.6.x uses WASAPI for shared mode, whereas 1.5.x uses DirectSound. Does this affect the Windows playback/resampling performance in some way?

Re: Disable automatic resampling

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WASAPI doesn't support system resampling, it must play at the sample rate of the system mixer.

Re: Disable automatic resampling

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That applies to WASAPI shared too?
I saw some people claim otherwise, so I want to make sure.


Re: Disable automatic resampling

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At least when I used WASAPI shared mode with the addon that comes with BASS, it doesn't let me select the sample rate, only notifies me of what the sample rate will be.

Re: Disable automatic resampling

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FWIW, I saw this, which suggests that WASAPI shared mode does resample (if you let it).
I also recently used a program (DeltaWave), which claims to be using WASAPI shared and it can play files without resampling them first. But if I switch to exclusive mode it starts to complain, as expected.
And it seems weird to me that MS would release a brand new API and then force every app developer to implement their own resampler...

Anyway, to be clear, this is not a problem that needs to be addressed in f2k. It was just for a test and using the older version worked fine.

Re: Disable automatic resampling

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Another FWIW:

1.  Using Foobar 1.6.11, output default Wasapi Exclusive with related tweaks in Advanced left as-is,

2.  Included in my Components list are SoX Resampler mod2 v.0.8.4 and SoX Resampler 0.8.7

3.  In Advanced/Tools/automatic resampler preference, I have chosen "Resampler (SoX)."

4.  Included in my DSP chain is "Resampler (SoX) mod2" with several sample rates not supported by my audio device in the "resample only if" box.  One of those rates is 22050kHz, which I added so I could listen to the Aural Moon radio stream which is 22050kHz.

5.  If I remove that rate from the "resample only if" box, Foobar cannot play the stream.  So in this scenario at least, "automatic resampling" does NOT then take over.  The mod2 was originally added when there was no "choose an automatic resampler" preference and I didn't want "everything" resampled, so it apparently still overrides that when being used in the DSP chain.