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Album grouping via artist not working

I have a custom group to separate different versions of albums by the description field. It works sometimes it doesn't work others.

Like when I select an album from the selection list it works:

But when I select the whole artist so all album get thrown into the playlist, it does this:

Idk why this is happening

Re: Album grouping via artist not working

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Its because the grouping title includes [Year] and other data, ie in your example some tracks are 1966 some 1967, some CD, some Vinyl.
If you take the year,etc.  out of the group title then it will group all together, instead of what you got now where FB creates groups for each combination.
You could also change the sort so groups arent "split" so much if you insist on using date, etc. in group titles.


Re: Album grouping via artist not working

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Which library viewer are you using? And what is the view pattern?

You may need to add your custom field to the view (tree / column) or sort option, i.e. -

Code: [Select]
'['%date%']' - %album% [- '('%description%')']

Since default sorting is done by library viewer, look to the relevant Preferences page. (DUI default is Preferences > Media Library > Album List)

If you are using a "by folder structure" view, what do the folders and filenames look like? (Such view is not configurable and sorted by the %path%, but there are ways around that)