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Crazy problem with the library!

I have become aware that for some of my albums I can only load track #4 into the library.  This is when track numbers have been specified in the metadata.  

I have Foobar2000 running on a Gigabyte Micro PC (my Music Server) and my music library is stored on a Synology NAS.  However I have copied the troublesome albums locally and the problem persists. I am running v1.6.10 under Windows 10.

If I make a different track #4 then that will load.  In fact if I make every track #4 then the whole album loads but that is counter-intuitive.  If I remove all the track numbers from the metadata then only the original track 4 will load.

Furthermore, I have a second copy of Foobar2000 running on my laptop.  When I load the same albums from the server onto that, everything is fine,  all the tracks load no problem.

Please help, I'm beginning to question my sanity.