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Topic: $ifequal(%date%,%release date%,$replace(%release date%),) (Read 521 times) previous topic - next topic
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$ifequal(%date%,%release date%,$replace(%release date%),)

Hi there.

I'm trying to create a syntax in Masstagger to automate the removal of %release date% whenever it equals %date%.

I tried "Guess value from file names" but it didn't work. This is the syntax I set up:

Code: [Select]
$ifequal(%date%,%release date%,$replace(%release date%),)

Could someone please help me?

Thanks in advance

Re: $ifequal(%date%,%release date%,$replace(%release date%),)

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Why file names?

Format value from other fields.
Destination: RELEASE DATE
Pattern: $if($strcmp(%date%,%release date%),,[%release date%])

If the pattern evaluates to blank then the field is removed.

Re: $ifequal(%date%,%release date%,$replace(%release date%),)

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I don't understand why my syntax didn't work... it seemed very logical...

Thank you so much for your help, I couldn't come up with this syntax on my own, no matter how hard I'm practicing...

My need is (very well) resolved.

Re: $ifequal(%date%,%release date%,$replace(%release date%),)

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You took the filename as input instead of tags, and entered an expression intending to output one value in the box meant for a list of fields to be found in the source. It is possible to extract for example, %tracknumber% - %title% - %date% and thus fill in 3 fields with one action. A "guess" action can be used to create one field but, unlike "format", the action will not delete it. You would put your pattern in the first box in a guess action, and just %field% in the second (opposite of "format").

$replace(%release date%) does not make sense. The function is meant to substitute a text fragment in the argument with something else. If you don't indicate what to replace, this function outputs nothing. So your true and false conditions are both empty strings.

Re: $ifequal(%date%,%release date%,$replace(%release date%),)

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OK. Thank you very much!

I need to dedicate myself more to my studies and keep practicing!