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Custom equalizer preset for each song/album

I wonder if is there a way for apply a custom equalization for each album or song and automatically adjusting when it plays. I searched for a plug-in for that or foobar documentation but cannot find it. Any help?

Re: Custom equalizer preset for each song/album

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Thanks a lot! That's what I was looking for.

The correct use for it is Right click on the album -> ReplayGain -> Scan selection (Plus DSP) and add a custom Equalizer preset right?
It affects only a tag right? or the FLAC itself?

Re: Custom equalizer preset for each song/album

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Just the tag yes, you would have to go back to that menu after you calculated the RG to apply it if you'd like to edit the file, which by memory now I don't remember if you can apply it to the lossless files, I know for sure you can on lossy files.

Re: Custom equalizer preset for each song/album

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No, I don't want to modifiy the files.

Re: Custom equalizer preset for each song/album

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Hi again, I've been testing this, but seem doesn't work, that is the procedure. Am I doing osmething wrong, cause I can't hear any difference between the original and the applied files.

Re: Custom equalizer preset for each song/album

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No one?

Re: Custom equalizer preset for each song/album

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Taking into account the fact that you try to boost lowest frequencies - I may only ask if your speakers are really capable of them. If you want to boost bass for example on laptop or on cheap 2.0 PC speakers, then don't expect the bass to be heard - with or without bass boost.

Other thing is if your files really have enough bass to cause RG value to significantly change, so applying new RG values will cause volume to drop significantly, that you will hear it. You will barely notice volume changes around +/- 1,5 dB.

Regarding fact that you don't want to modify your files - I remember something like m-TAGs component (foo_mtags) which was storing whole metadata in external database files for each directory. And retagging files was causing only change into these external files, with no modification to music files.

How I use Dynamic DSP:
In it's config I created a bunch of DSPs named 75, 85, 90, 95, 105 etc. In my case these are percentage values of playback rate change. Then for each file that I want to be played with changed playback rate I added relevant tag which has value "105" for achieving passing it through "105" chain, or tag has value "FL_INV" to pass it through "FL_INV" chain, which inverts front left channel through Channel Mixer component. You must read the message in plugin's config window - in upper part you put titleformat script, that will evaluate to the names of the chains. These names correspond to DYNAMICDSP tag values. The simplest is just the name of the tag itself - and this is how I use it. But the name of chain may come as an output of complicated operation based on specific values of other existing tags (like looking up for certain tags and their values incl. text strings - eg. rating, like summing up some tag or tech values - like RG values or channel number values; checking for presence of certain tags and setting specific value when they are present or not, etc. - as usual for title formatting expressions).