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Where are stored temporary Playlists please?

When you put music into the playlist window, ut you don't save the playlist itself, in which file and where is it saved please?

A friend of mine gave me a PC to update.
I saved the old HD image on my PC and I reformatted and updated her HD.
now, I reinstalled Foobar, and she asked me to recover her playlist.

inquiring, I discovered she never saved one, 'cause each time she opened Foobar, the temporary playlists where there .. and she didn't imagine she had to clearly save them.

please can you help me? Where can I find the temporary playlists?
I can check into the HD Image I saved.

Thank you in advance

Where are stored temporary Playlists please?

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Inside your foobar folder.

For regular install that is '%appdata%\foobar2000' or for portable wherever you installed it.

Inside that you'll either find a 'playlists' or 'playlists-v1.3' folder. If you have the latter, that is the recent one.