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Help finding software - Philips DSD to DST Encoder

Hello !

I am currently searching for any software able to compress DSD (.dsf or .dff files) into DST (.dff files).
The only software able to do what I want (from what I read) is the "Philips ProTECH DST Encoder 4.0.3".
I really want help because I can't find anything : I've been digging int the Internet for 3 hours, and almost nothing (except other people asking "how to convert DSD to DST" :'( ).
The last time this software was available to download was in 2013 (already 10 years....).
Even the Wayback Machine cannot help me since they used a third-party online storage website.

I am aware of WavPack DSD compression, but it's not as great as DST. Typically, WavPack was able to compress to ~50%, while DST files are only ~41% of the uncompressed size ! See here :
If you want real numbers (or up to date, since the link I gave is 6 years old), I can run a small benchmark.

Why I want this ?
Because I have uncompressed .dff files and want to compress them to save space.

I know a software supporting DST that can decode it and use my USB DAC in native DSD mode.

Thank you very much for help and time.

Re: Help finding software - Philips DSD to DST Encoder

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Here's a DST encoder.

I'm told it's very slow, but I don't have any DSD audio to test it.

Re: Help finding software - Philips DSD to DST Encoder

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Found this on the interwebz. VirusTotal says it is OK. Use on your own risk!
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Re: Help finding software - Philips DSD to DST Encoder

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Thank you very much to both of you !!!!!!

For now I only tested the one Octocontrabass sent, and it works with wine under Linux (on the small samples provided in the archive).

From what I already saw, Octocontrabass's software have the source code in the archive, and prebuilt binaries are made (for Windows), while the one sent by Markuza is a cracked Windows version, without source code (this is not a critisism, and I'm really glad you sent it).
I'll see if I can do a Linux build of the first software.

I don't really have time now, but I will come back to write a comparison between these 2 softwares, and also will test if they compress completely losslessly.

Speed is not a big deal, as long as it works ^^

Again thank you very much, and stay tuned ;)


Re: Help finding software - Philips DSD to DST Encoder

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Back again !

So I managed to build a x86_64 Linux executable of the one sent by Octocontrabass, really easy so I'm not going to share it (literally just `make`). Just to help: in the `Makefile` , add `-flto -O3 -march=native -static` to CXXFLAGS, CFLAGS and LINK (in order to optimize the compilated code).
I wasn't able to install Philips DST Encoder on Linux with wine, but works perfectly with Windows 11.

DST encoder from MPEG-4 Audio RM Module (MPEG-4 Audio standard ISO-14496-1, 2 and 3):
single core, source code available, decoder and encoder, in terminal (can be automated), worse compression (~48% of original), slower (~10 times when compiled with optimizations)

Philips ProTECH DST Encoder 4.0.3:
mutlicore, closed source code, only encoder, only Windows, only GUI (no automatisation, encodes files one by one manually), better compression (~43% of original), faster.

I think everything was said ^^

If anyone is aware of any other DST encoder, don't hesitate to share it too!
Thanks again for the 2 people who sent me encoders <3