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"Sort by" with negative values

Hello, I'm trying to order by %replaygain_track_gain%.
But positive numbers are sorted before negative values, so in my list, I have:

Found nothing googling. I've tried to sort this same tag with mp3Tag and... it's the same behavior ! So I was wondering if it's intentional ?

PS: I'm on Foobar2000 2.1.3 x64 on Windows 11.

Re: "Sort by" with negative values

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Try $if(%replaygain_track_gain%,$add($replace(%replaygain_track_gain%,.,),10000))

Re: "Sort by" with negative values

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Ah yeah, I remember doing that in the past. It'm not sure it was for replaygain though, but can't remember what it was.

That will do the trick, thanks. Let's hope I don't forget this time.