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Tagging crashes foobar


since yesterday my foobar 2.1.3 64bit (win 10) started to crash when tagging with built-in tagger (gnudb).
The only changes made recently are new versions of:
Spectrum Analyzer
VST 2.x/3.x Adapter 0.12
ABX Comparator 2.2

Crash reports sent via foobar - a few of them,

It does not happen every time. Sometimes it is OK, sometimes crashes and sometimes it finds tags but in place of real data (artist, album etc.) the pop-up window displays information that my email is not correct.

It was OK up till yesterday. Did they change smth on gnudb??

It happens on two different laptops.

A part of crash log:
Illegal operation:
Code: C0000005h, flags: 00000000h, address: 00007FFDAB176F01h
Access violation, operation: read, address: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFh

Call path:

Code bytes (00007FFDAB176F01h):
00007FFDAB176EC1h:  8B 43 18 48 83 C4 20 5B C3 CC CC CC CC CC CC 48
00007FFDAB176ED1h:  8B 51 18 48 C7 C0 FF FF FF FF 48 89 51 08 90 48
00007FFDAB176EE1h:  FF C0 80 3C 02 00 75 F7 48 89 41 10 C3 CC CC 48
00007FFDAB176EF1h:  89 5C 24 08 57 48 83 EC 20 48 8B 42 08 48 8B D9
00007FFDAB176F01h:  48 89 41 08 48 8B FA 48 8B 42 10 48 89 41 10 48
00007FFDAB176F11h:  8B 49 18 FF 15 E6 8B 02 00 33 C9 48 89 4B 18 48
00007FFDAB176F21h:  89 4B 20 48 8B 47 18 48 89 43 18 48 8B 47 20 48
00007FFDAB176F31h:  89 43 20 48 89 4F 18 48 89 4F 20 0F B6 47 28 88

RAX: 000001CA9AC2C930, RBX: 94004900AC3EC2AA, RCX: 94004900AC3EC2AA, RDX: 0000002ADE6FCE50
RSI: 0000002ADE6FD360, RDI: 0000000000000000, RBP: 0000000000000001, RSP: 0000002ADE6FCDC0


Crash location:
Module: foo_ui_std
Offset: 176F01h
Symbol: "foobar2000_get_interface" (+19B31h)


Re: Tagging crashes foobar

Reply #1
Thanks for the bug report.
Out of nowhere, gnudb suddenly has a problem with requests using email address of . We did move the email server recently, but there was never an actual mailbox with that address, not for the last decade at least.
Unfortunately, a chain of bugs in my code, old and new, causes foobar2000 to crash when freedb/gnudb server returns different track count than requested.
Setting your email address to something else in freedb tagger settings mitigates this. An update fixing the crash will be out shortly.

.... aaand fixed crash in version 2.1.4
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