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Topic: Ogg Vorbis .ogg vs OGG Vorbis Audio .oga (Read 1940 times) previous topic - next topic
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Ogg Vorbis .ogg vs OGG Vorbis Audio .oga

I'm really confused by .ogg (Vorbis in an ogg container) vs .oga (Vorbis in an ogg audio container). The documentation says .oga is a subset of .ogg, but oggenc (and oggenc2) output can be named with either file extension, and still be playable. So which file extension should I use?


Re: Ogg Vorbis .ogg vs OGG Vorbis Audio .oga

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Both of them are the same, oga is just for the case when you want to specify that there is audio only (and ogv for video).


Re: Ogg Vorbis .ogg vs OGG Vorbis Audio .oga

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To add, same as mp4 as general extension for container with audio and video, m4a if you wish to state there is only audio there, and m4v for video, with or without audio. They're all the same container.